Class D options

I’m looking for a spare pair of monoblock, just in case my tubes fails.
My main options are:
-Mola Mola Kaluga
-Bel Canto REF 600
-Theta Prometheus

They will be driving the mids and highs of my Evolution Acoustics MM3s. My preamp is an ARC Ref. 10.

Thanks for your help.
Between the Mola Molas and the Bel Cantos, which one will be giving a more lifelike sound with my Ref 10? I’ve heard that the Mola Mola has no soul.... is that correct?
Why not buy a new amp the day after your tube gear fails? Are you far from an urban area or hifi stores? You can also buy all of these items on A'Gon from online dealers. I was considering the Mola and Theta and found a few dealers and private sellers here on A'Gon that sold them online. 

I just bought the Benchmark AHB2 amp and a DAC3L online.  BTW - I went with the AHB2 over the Theta and Mola based only on reviews. 
I suspect much of the issue with the Mola Mola Kalugas is that many reviewers and owners don't give them a chance for break-in.  They are superbly engineered amps but the break-in is supposed to be really severe on some class-D....I have heard to expect changes up to 1500 hours.