Class-D recommendation

Looking for a class-D recommendation for the base portion of a multi-amp system w/ active xover.  The amp will be powering a pair of 15" 4Ohm woofers from 30 - 600Hz.  Need at least 400W, very high damping, and clean into the midrange.  Everything above 600Hz is taken care of by a class-A amp.  I would prefer to spend <$2k used.
Look at Apollon audio, I  have a 8 channel ice amp from them. Its great, no complaints.  Under 1k.  Excellent build and materials. 
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I have been using a Class D Audio SDS-470 class d amp for three years and been very happy.  My only complaint is that after listening for 6-10 hours continuously the amp will become very warm to the touch and start to distort/clip (depending on volume level). :)

Hear is a thread with a review of their entry level amp that you can read through. In the discussion that follows may point you towards some ideas to investigate and scramble your brain with more choices...

Have 3 class d amps from
Had them for 7 years. 
outstanding quality, performance, support.
best value in audio. 2 are bridged for mono - easy to do  
Very highly recommended. 

My friend has a 2 channel Cherry Amp powering his Aerial 7T's. Excellent smooth dynamic sound w/penty of bass. Built in the USA. The base Cherry Audio amps is $2400 new.