Class-D recommendation

Looking for a class-D recommendation for the base portion of a multi-amp system w/ active xover.  The amp will be powering a pair of 15" 4Ohm woofers from 30 - 600Hz.  Need at least 400W, very high damping, and clean into the midrange.  Everything above 600Hz is taken care of by a class-A amp.  I would prefer to spend <$2k used.
Have 3 class d amps from
Had them for 7 years. 
outstanding quality, performance, support.
best value in audio. 2 are bridged for mono - easy to do  
Very highly recommended. 

My friend has a 2 channel Cherry Amp powering his Aerial 7T's. Excellent smooth dynamic sound w/penty of bass. Built in the USA. The base Cherry Audio amps is $2400 new.
Surprised no one has given D-Sonics any love.  They get very good reviews. I run the 1500 monoblocks in a second Maggie rig and they are very good.
Thanks all... I'm starting to work my way through the recommendations.  Keep them coming.
+1 for the Cherry amp. Have one pushing a new pair Spatial M5s through a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. A relatively new offering of theirs is called a 2 Cherry (King version or regular). Puts out 400 into 4 ohms with 1000 watt peak (200/8 ohm). Very controlled, clean and smooth. Right in your price range should check with Tommie O'Brien the owner for deals. All US made, his proprietary built in-house Class D modules. Been at it for over 25 years.. Liking mine a lot. Cheers