Classe CA-2300 versus McCormack DNA 500

Other than the power output does anybody have any experience of the differences or similarities?
Can't compare the two but the McCormack 500 is one of the best sounding high power amps I have ever heard.  I had a DNA 225 on loan and bought a DNA 125 .  They were great amps but unfortunately conrad Johnson ceased production of McCormack gear.   It was great stuff.  I believe C-J still services them though.  
IMHO, the Classe’s are more neutral in soundstage presentation, warmer in spectral balance, more reticent in dynamics, and a bit grainier.
IMHO, the McCormacks are more forward in soundstage, more neutral and transparent in spectral balance, more dynamic and smoother.
Depending on your speakers and system, as well as personal taste either are quite good.