Classe CA 5200 - How good as a 2 channel and 5.1 ?

Has anyone had any experience with this amp ?
I have had this amp for several months and think that it is a fabulous amp. It is very articulate, powerful, amazing bass response, and never runs out of steam. Classe is very conservative with most everything they do. The pure class A power that this amp produces can and will embarrass much more powerful rated amps.

I was running a Lexicon RV-8 that I thought was a very, very respectable and clean sounding amp but I wanted Classe. Even though I still respect the Lexicon and think it's a great product, I do not have the first regret for my upgrades. There is not another product I would rather have on my audio rack....absolutely nothing! I started out with a CA-5100 and was very happy with that amp as well.

I have to admit that I do like to listen to music and movies at a louder volume level than most and after experiencing clipping once on the movie Master and Commander I decided to give my dealer's trade-up policy a try and moved on up to the CA-5200. I listen to both 2 channel and mostly DVDs and Blu-ray. Probably 90% DVD, 5% Blu-ray, and 5% 2 channel.

Other than upgrading to a JL Audio F113, the CA-5200 was the most noticeable upgrade that I have made since I got into this hobby.

Go to and look at the Club Classe section and you will be able to see a lot more opinions on this amplifier that will convince you that it's an amazing amp and you would never be dissatisfied.

Feel free to email me anytime about Classe components as I have owned quite a few. I am far from an expert, but by having 3 of their source players and owning a couple of SSPs and three amps I might be able to share some information with you that might be of help to you.

Good luck with your electronic endeavors.

This will then become the C+4surround mate to my CA-5200. OMG, not another 120lb 30step descent into the batcave:)
Did it, the CA-5200 and CA-2200 are perfectly matched, I am re-auditioning my DSD surround recordings with new unheard before
sonic delights, what a great combo, I was up until 2AM. I also tried some Atmos movies, man oh man what realism with my 7.4.1 Paradigm Signature speakers.

The pair look gorgeous together on a Salamander Archetype rack, good thing I went to Tractor Supply and got a 24mm wrench or the crescent would have put a dent. One of the shelves served both as a ramp for the CA-5200 and support for the increased depth of this unit, furniture sliders really helped push it up. I with I could post photos.