Classe' CA-5200 vs. Rotel RMB 1095 w/ B&W 802Ds

I need some fast input. Can get the 5200 for $5k or stick with the Rotel. Driving 802D mains, DS8s for surrounds and HTM4S center. Is the difference worth the skin? I want to feed the 802Ds to get their best. What difference should I expect at lower volumes? At higher volumes? Thanks.
Definetly worth it . I went from Rotel to Classe and in my experience the difference was huge.
The Rotel is sufficeint for you center and surrounds (I have the RMB-1095 for my HTM2D and DS8S surrounds) but not you 802Ds that require much more power to sound their best.

I have 803Ds and a RB-1090 that I'm selling as it isn't enough for the B&W's at lower listening volumes and it puts out 380 watts/channel.

The best I've heard the 802Ds sound were with Classe 400 momo blocks (expensive). I'm going to use a Spectron Musician III SE for my 803Ds and the RMB-1095 for the rest.

An whatever model, the Classe is clearly the better amp over Rotel and slighlty warmer which probably is a good thing with the bit forward 802D/803D mains.