Classe CA-M400 vs EC NEMO vs Parasound Halo JC-1

Looking at specs it became pretty clear that choice among those three big-watt amps emerged a tricky investigation... Speakers should be Dali Euphonia MS5, no preamp yet.

Sound wise, present reviews suggest that the Classe CA-M400 should be somewhat more transparent&detailed that other two, but with slightly weaker bass response, maybe. Prices in Europe, sadly, approx. 50% higher than Canada/USA. Nominal 12k euros for pair - if lacky, could take them for some 8-9k.

Electrocompaniet NEMO is widely considered as true powerhouse, not only due to nominal 600Wpc. Brutal bass control but some reviewers emerged not too convinced in Nemo's last degree of clarity and sofistication... Europian product, price pretty stable long time.. Could take a pair for some 8k euros or so..

Halo JC-1 is undoubtedly the best seller among the three, unfortunately price raised significantly last years. Performance wise, absolutely decent 400Wpc behemont, jaw-dropping bass control, like NEMO (both better than Classe in this regard), a bit quibbles on highs from some users. Price unspecified yet.

Highly appreciate any personal listening experience, particularly some A/B testing between any two of three above.

I have not listened to the above in A/B, but have done a bit of research on them, I will throw a couple more at you to consider.
These have very strong reviews,
pass labs 600.5 & spectron musician III, with the enhancements. If I were to buy a pair it would be the Spectron.I have not researched the the halo though, good luck.
Well, I agree Pass mono amps might be somewhat better than three above, but remain out of my reach budget wise. Thanx for input.