Classe CA201 vs. McCormack DNA225 with B&W?

Looking for the an amp to power the CDM9NT's. Any suggestions regarding these two? Thanks.
both amps are great. its in your ears. the sound that makes you the happiest is what you should buy. we cannot tell you which amp to choose. listen to bot a/b them if you can with your speakres. then make up your mind which one makes you feel all fuzzy inside. them you in love. happy listening
I played w/ a CA-200 & CA-201 & the CDM9's, save your money find a used Bryston 4B-ST which has the same resolution as the CA201 yet better gentle bottom end slam than the current SST series. The Bryston really matches well & brings the 9's into another class!
I cannot comment on the synergy with B&W, but I compared the Classe 201 before I bought my DNA-225. I found the McCormack to have a much better midrange. I thought the upper end of the Classe was a little bit too analytical for my taste. Bass response on both was excellent, IMHO. YMMV