Classe Cap-151, Drug on the market?

Anybody besides me notice that there seem to be a large number of Classe Cap-151s on the market at the same time? Is there any problem with these units?

Contrary to what you may believe, there is really only one. It is an excellent unit, which can drive just about any speaker. I had very favorable results driving both my Hales Rev 3’s as well as a pair of Krix Equinox. But, as the audio community is an unselfish lot, we are bound to sell it back and forth so that all of us may have a reference to judge our own amp or amp/pre against. It just so happens I have it now and have it listed for sale. So if you’re interested…….
I sold mine last year because I was downsizing my system due to a move that would result in a much smaller listening room. I was very sad to let it go and I'd buy another in a heartbeat if my situation allowed for it.
It gets fairly good reviews and is reasonably priced so it has been pretty popular and that is probably why you're seeing more of them. The more there are the more often they are bought and sold. Also, you always see more of something once you start looking for it.
Buy a good one from a reputable seller and you won't be disappointed and you won't lose much (if any) money if you do end up being disappointed and decide to sell it.