Classe CDP-1.5, 1 or .5 experience??

Hi, I would appreciate hearing feedback from people that own or have owned any of the above one-box Classe cd players. Please ownership experience only...not just people defending what they own.
I bought a used CDP1 from this site a year or so ago and will add that while it occasionally balks at ripped CDs, it never gives me problems with redbook disks. And the sound is really terrific -- light and airy, well-defined yet not edgy. Lots of dimension. And XLR outputs are sooo quiet! Yeah, I'm sufficiently pleased with it to keep it for now; for what I paid for it used, it's a superlative deck.
Simply pressing "standby" followed by "play" on the remote will make my CDP1 read the disk every time. That only takes a second and is not as aggrivating as repeatedly ejecting and loading like I used to do. Wonderful unit.
Blue Crow
I bought the CDP 1 used and have owned it for about 6 years. It played wonderfully until recently, when it began not recognizing discs. I sent it to Classe, and they were very nice and did not charge me anything, but said that the parts to fix the problem were no longer available (really??). I expected more out of such a high-end component, but I do think I got my money's worth considering it was made in 1998 or so. When I was auditioning components at the time, it trounced an Arcam I was considering. As I have read more while looking for my next player, I have discovered that the transport problems were apparently not unusual.