CLASSE - Great amps or highly flawed?

Some love them. Others criticize:

Highly colored.

Midrange nice, but euphonic & not accurate.

Highs rolled off, and given an electronic sheen.

Overall dark sound.

Imaging only so-so.

Lack transparency.

Textured sounding.

Bass somewhat lacking definition & loose.

What's your opinion??
I agree with Perfecimage. Ca-400, once their top of the line would change your mind. Apparently difference at different price points, the sound signature does change, as it should.But not to the extent that Kevziek describes. Although I have to agree prior to having CA-400, I did have Ca-200 and the sound was inferior as compared to the CA-400.
I own the 301, and short of having twenty thousand dollars to buy the tenor otl's, I love them. I use the 301 with piega 10's, and the audio aero capitole 24/192 cd player... I think the results of other listeners opinions could be what they are matched with, and possibly, just plain old opinion... we all have one, got to love america.....
The real change of circuitry design based on what Classe has learned from developing thier Omega power amp starts from the CA301. The CA201 is still pretty much the old CA200 design with a now 01 style case. If you want to appreciate the Omega inspired changes on the Classe CA line of amps, start audioning from the 301 and up ! If you still come to the same conclusion that you had on the 201, then call the whole world stupid with you being the only smart one, and look elsewhere for you next amp and see if you can surpass the values of the new Classe amps.
Happy amp hunting.
Dragont, do your homework first. Classe told me that the circuitry in the CA201, 301, 401 is ALL THE SAME CIRCUIT. Any improvements from the Omega project that are used are used in all of them. The CAM 350 & 200 are different, and incorporate more of Omega's technology. The McCormack DNA-225 is far superior to the Classe. I went on the Audio Research tube gear, and it blows all of this stuff in the dust.