CLASSE - Great amps or highly flawed?

Some love them. Others criticize:

Highly colored.

Midrange nice, but euphonic & not accurate.

Highs rolled off, and given an electronic sheen.

Overall dark sound.

Imaging only so-so.

Lack transparency.

Textured sounding.

Bass somewhat lacking definition & loose.

What's your opinion??
Ramstl, taste and opinion are just that. However, repeatable, sonic characteristics are not the same. The Classe 201's damped out, airless, rolled-off high end was very obvious to three different listeners on highly resolving systems. So was the weak, flabby bass. These are deficiencies, not just taste issues. If I was speaking of things like, "a little brighter", "a little darker", "more upfront", "more laidback" -- those are characteristics that I could see can be interpreted as "taste."

There are people who think a Hostess cupcake tastes as good as a homemade chocolate cake made with butter and premium chocolate. Is that just a matter of taste? It's a matter of quality, and there are many who lack the discernment to know.

By the way, the DNA 0.5, while a decent amp, is tizzier and inferior in other ways to Steve's new DNA 125 . He will tell you that himself, as well as over 40 other audiophiles reviewing the DNA125 on AudioReview.
I love the Hostess cupcake analogy. Drives me crazy when some teenager (even the grownup ones) says "that's just your opinion" in response to my saying a particular cake or pie (or taco) is better than another. There are standards, and there is such a thing as quality.

You lost me, otoh, with the appeal to the authority of the "40 other audiophiles on AudioReview."

I have never knowingly listened to the expensive and well reviewed Classes, but while I have an "opinion" on the less expensive Classe amps that I have had in my home on audition (decided not to buy them), like Pops, I don't see any point to this thread either.
all talk and no music makes a bad boy very very bad.... seems to me we like to argue about points of view... which we all know about mans poision is another mans cup of tea...I see the real listeners argue points very little........
TO: all the above audiogoners (won't mention names) that are bashing Kev's all important thread: is classe worth the money Being new in this field its threads like this that keeps me from being sucked in by "professional" reviewers hype as well by big full page ads and some audiogoners biased opinions. If your research reveals a weakness in a product lets hear your opinion. If you disagree no reason to attempt to discredit the questioner. Remember this is the USA NOT russia... We've all fell into pitfalls along the way ie. bought what we wish we had'nt. Its these kind of threads that lead us to a better understanding of the products out there.
Thanks, Tweekerman, for defending me and the original reason for my thread. This thread has basically served to allow others to spew upon me nastiness, condescension, and anger; which has only served to reveal their personality flaws and emotional problems. If you can't handle another opinion or questioning of the sonics of your beloved Classe product, then don't read or respond to threads about it.