Classe or McIntosh Is Classe going out of businesssed

I am upgrading my Parsound 5 ch amp . Thinking about the used Classe CA5100 or the Mac 7505  Heard that Classe is going out of business. Do you think that it will affect resale or should I not buy Classe ?
Nobody should feel bad about Classe folding. they started digging their grave a very long time ago. A mini Kodak.

This is an easy one: McIntosh.  I still have 30 year old McIntosh stuff that runs fine.  And I know that if I have to have them serviced, the company will still be there.  There are plenty of companies out there selling extremely sophisticated gear; will they still be around when you need them later?  Would anyone want to buy them used?

When Dave Rich left Classe. That was all she wrote.    The Mac stuff
Has been sold a few times.  I would move on to bigger and better things