Classe P-700 & CAM-400 noise problem

Hi all,

I have a system, ending with Classe CP-700 preamp, connected to 2 X CAM-400, and b&w 802D.

Yesterday I noticed a hum coming out of both Amps. I disconnected all components from the power line and interconnecting cables, and put all back together and the hum was gone. Strange, I thought, but is good it is gone...

But after a while I noticed I get a “POP” or “CLICK” sound out of the right speaker when I turn the volumen of the preamp to zero or if I mute it. I have tried already all I can think of. Disconnecting all sources and just leaving preamp and amps, does not take it away. Checked all the cables and connections and all seems fine. Unplug it all, let it rest overnight, plug it back in... is just of no use.

Really don’t not what else to try. Music plays fine though. IS there somehting else I should try that you can recommend me, or could this be that there is something wrong with the pre amp or CAM 400.

Please, advice will be very welcomed.

Thanks in advance
it sounds like a broken /loose wire... I think I would trade out different cables, next I would remove the covers and look for any broken/loose wires, if none then I would take a multi tester lead prong and check the transistors to see if any cause the crack or hum when you try to move it.
Good advice about checking for loose or broken wires, but unless you know what you're doing, I would not go poking around in the amp. One slipped probe and you could end up causing extensive and costly damage, and void the warranty.
Thank you both. Agree, I wish I knew how to, but since I have no clue of electronics I'm not going into any of my amps. Also they are only 6 months old... could void warranty and likely not fix anything but if any end up doing something for the worse.

Anyhow, I do have it by now very isolated. It comes only from right mono or right set of cables. Nothing to do with pre, for what I tested. Tomorrow if I have time, I will change interconnects first from one side to the other, and if that does not work, speaker cables. Hope you are right and it has to do with a broken / loose wire.