Classe SSP


I don't know if anyone else notice the trend, lately there is a flood of Classe gear on A'gon. Especially SSP-800, don't know what the heck is going on with the brand.  

Once highly reputed and sought after, now readily available on used market.  IMO, the delta series has taken a step backwards with Chinese manufacturing and 'ICE' tunnel technology being used in M600 and CA-2300 amps.  I have done A/B comparison, and they don't sound nowhere as good as old Delta amps (no issues with top and mid range but low end is simply flat).   

I am just looking for some insight on the brand trend in the used market and ridiculous resale. 

As a long time owner of Classe, it's sad to see the current affairs of the brand.  

dynguy.....thank you for your post.  No one questioning the performance aspect of SSP. Like you said, it's a great pre/pro and I agree 100%.  Not too long ago used SSP were sold north of 5K plus. Consider yourself lucky if you get 4K now. The resale have taken a hit lately, could be due to release of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. I do realize all processor have shelf life.  Here is my biggest beef, Classe has done nothing to keep its flagship processor relevant. If anything, the release of Sigma SSP further devalued the SSP-800 worth in new or used market.  

Would you buy a SSP-800 new or used, knowing Sigma SSP get you the same performance for half the price? 

Glad to hear you guys are satisfied with Classe, great news as I have always been a fan.  I have never used any HT equipment from Classe but perhaps one day. 

I'm actually holding off on buying a Classé Sigma SSP until I see their solution for UHD/4K processing.  This is probably why you're seeing so many processors (with HDMI 1.4) on the used market now.  The SSP-800 just seems to have so many unnecessary connections in this day and age.  The Sigma seems so... elegant.


The classe processor is still one of the top pre/pros. The problem with Theater is that it never stops evolving...I have the CT-SSP same as the SSP-800 which I bought a few years replaced my first pre/pro A Marantz AV-8003 also an excellent pre/pro for the money.  Anyway mine does not pass 3D, does not have an audio return channel and of course only decodes DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD...NOT Atmos or DTX etc.  As the newer products include the newer technology it does devalue the older products...however, at this point in my HT, I don't need those features so I look at it as an opportunity to acquire one of the best pre/pros for a great price...That's my 2 cents      
I agree with you, it's a great opportunity to acquire SSP at a bargain basement price if you don't care for 3D, Atmos and DTS:X features.