Classic records sleeves.

I am looking at the lp from classic record , Stravinsky the firebird Dorati on discogs in europ. The sellers whom I asked said me there was no writing or stickers on the sleeve which said classic record.
On one classic record I own it's written classic record at the bottom of the sleeve on the back.
I fear to get a speaker corner one and pay it the price of a classic record one. Any advices ?
gilles, your call. There is always risk involved. Depends on how much you want it.
Thanks for your answers.
For those who own reissue lp from classic records label ,is there a mention on the sleeve ?
I own some Classic Records that either have it printed on back ( the later ones I think) and some that have their sticker on the front. In any case their name will be on the bottom rear jacket and/or record label.

Speakers Corner usually have no identifying mark.
I have the Classic Records Dorati Firebird (both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm versions).  The sleeve has no writing on it, and there is no indication on the jacket that it is the reissue. However, there are two things that may help you identify it:

1.  The inner sleeve of my Classic reissue has a clear middle portion so that you can see the label--I don't believe any of the Speakers Corner reissues I have do.

2.  Look at the lead-out inner grooves of the record.  My Classic reissue has the record number written in almost a handwritten script, and nothing else.  My Speakers Corner records (at least the Deccas, but I believe I have the Respighi The Birds record from them) have a machine-stamped record number on them.

Hope this helps.  The Classic reissue is very good, especially the 45 rpm version.