classic rock lps on VPI

I've detailed in previous posts my dislike for the sound of mediocre recorded rock lps on my VPI Scoutmaster with JMW 10.5i.

I have elicited opinions about a second tt setup with a Thorens TD160 for rock recordings and VPI for the rest. I'm not sure I want to go this way.

So, in an effort to use the VPI for both types of recordings, I've returned to seeking a mod program for the VPI that will allow for pleasant listening to both the rock and the rest of my already excellent sounding lps.

I've had some very excellent suggestions for a second tonearm wand that will be used exclusively for the rock recordings. I can get it either custom wired with Cardas wire, or the standard Discovery cable. At this point I am pointing towards the Cardas, as I've heard its warmer in the mids. I also thought the Discovery cable was a bit closed in on top on my previous JMW 9 tonearm, ie. the Cardas. Any thoughts on this?

As for cartridge, at this point I'm pointing towards either a Sumiko Blue Point Special MkIII, or Denon 103R, possibly modded with wood body. My only concern with the Denon would be low compliance. May not match up well with the 10.5i tonearm? Any suggestions here?

Finally, I've had suggestions for the Mini HR-X feet, adding a bit of spaciousness, warmth, refinement. Any feedback on these?

Thanks, Scott
Stiltskin, I burned the Valhalla in for perhaps 200 hours with some modded IC's connected to a cd burn in disc. High level signal is burning tonearm wiring in, perhaps I need more. Still, I"m not hearing anything in the wiring that sounds as if it needs burn in. There is plenty of impact, refinement, transparency with quality recordings.

Yes, the Thorens may not do it for me either, either way it will be interesting to compare and contrast. I just want more impact and a fuller, perhaps even darker tonal balance for the rock records. Right now, they sound so lightweight, this may be a silly analogy, but its sort of like a ballerina dancing to rock music, just doesn't add up. The VPI is polite and refined, light on it's feet. I want down and dirty, a real strong foundation for listening to my rock records.

I know a quality sub would really help my situation. Can't have one, however, got a police call with my last sub.
I would most definitely follow all of Dgarrestons suggestions on tweaking your table including NOT buying a second table.

This money saved is money better spent else where.

Also look into Tvads suggestion on a purchase of a highly accurate arc protractor.

Rergarding your tonearm.
200 hours on your tonearm wire is not near enough.
I'm sure things sound fine at this point, but there's more, a lot more. Things will open up and bloom from top to bottom.
When the Valhalla is fully run in there will be absolutely no hint that its even there passing a signal.

If there is any bit of brightness or coolness in the treble region while listening it needs more time on it to settle down.
What I just wrote I know this may not help with your classic Rock listening issue.

I'm just letting you know there is more to be had by logging time onto your tonearm wire.
I am going to keep the VPI for some time, even if I get the Thorens. I going ahead with Dave's tweaks for the VPI, also in the initial stages of building his equalizer for my Merlins.

On the protractor, my only hesitation stems from the Fremer tt setup DVD, in that he uses the Wallytracker to set up a Scoutmaster tt, he then puts the cartridge on the VPI jig and everything lines up exactly.

I'm sure your correct on the tonearm cable, I will give it another 200 hours on the RCAs with cd burn in disk.

Thanks again, Scott
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I was taken with the Wally tractor and many of his tools after seeing the Fremer video as well. I orderred about $500 of equipment from him in person which he said he had in stock. Unfortunately, 3 months latter I still had no merchandise from him. Luckily, the check hadn't cleared so I cancelled it. It's a shame he's that unreliable because the tools look useful. Go with the mintLP and save some frustration. I may do the same as I'm not sure how much I trust the VPI jig. It never seems to lay flat and I wonder if bending it as Fremer suggests distorts the results somewhat. The one Wally tool I'd like to have is the analogue shop to make electronic azimuth setting easier and more accurate.