Classical? Chinese Music

I like watching Chinese martial arts movies, especially well made ones like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which may have historical settings. One of the main attractions is when the soundtrack contains some beautiful, perhaps historical Chinese music. I don’t know how to characterize that music but I’m sure most of you know what I’m describing. I’d like to learn about it and acquire some.

Do any of you know where I may source some CD’s of that music, or even a book to learn about what kind of music that is. That kind of music might be available on Amazon if I knew what to look for. If you could recommend any particular CD’s that would be wonderful. I’d be interested in finding out the same for Japanese music. Thanks,



You should check out Kitaro. Silk Road is my favorite, but all of his albums are mesmerizing.


 I saw Kitaro for the "Kojiki" tour at the Fabulous FOX in Atlanta. Amazing! Unforgettable! I can still feel those massive drums resonating through my chest.

Mahgister,  Thank you so very much.  The variety is inspiring.  Pressed play on a one hour relaxation sample

The score of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was composed by Tan Dun. Tan Dun is a very prolific composer of modern Chinese music.

I would highly recommend his Ghost Opera (CD) to all audiophiles looking for Chinese music recorded at very high quality. It's a real treat, I'm sure many of you will start using it as a test record to demo gear ;