Classical Football background Music

There's a thread title for you!

OK, I am not at all knowledgeable with respect to identifying individual classical works – save the obvious Mozart and Beethoven stuff, and the like. Recently, my son and I were watching some replays of old NFL films and he was just TAKEN with a lot of the background music. Real heroic, exciting, up tempo kind of stuff – what sounded to me like a lot of oboes, french horns, and other unknown brass. It was NOT parade music - with a lot of trombone and marching cadences, though. Does anyone know what particular pieces or general composer’s pieces are used for this kind of stuff. I’d like to subsequently find some of this music on vinyl. Who knows, it might even create a new classical fan!
I recall a compact disc called "The Power and the Glory" which featured music from the NFL film series. That probably isn't much help but it may be a starting point for you.
Good luck.
Is this what you're looking for?
EMH - That might be it, though I'm not sure I want to "invest" in 10 CD's of that music (or any music) to find out! Thanks. Given that this is probably what music was used, I hereby apologize to "classical" music lovers everywhere.
Hey, if it's classical to you that's all right. I always liked the music behind the highlight films too!