Classical Music for Aficionados

I would like to start a thread, similar to Orpheus’ jazz site, for lovers of classical music.
I will list some of my favorite recordings, CDs as well as LP’s. While good sound is not a prime requisite, it will be a consideration.
  Classical music lovers please feel free to add to my lists.
Discussion of musical and recording issues will be welcome.

I’ll start with a list of CDs.  Records to follow in a later post.

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique.  Chesky  — Royal Phil. Orch.  Freccia, conductor.
Mahler:  Des Knaben Wunderhorn.  Vanguard Classics — Vienna Festival Orch. Prohaska, conductor.
Prokofiev:  Scythian Suite et. al.  DG  — Chicago Symphony  Abbado, conductor.
Brahms: Symphony #1.  Chesky — London Symph. Orch.  Horenstein, conductor.
Stravinsky: L’Histoire du Soldat. HDTT — Ars Nova.  Mandell, conductor.
Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances. Analogue Productions. — Dallas Symph Orch. Johanos, cond.
Respighi: Roman Festivals et. al. Chesky — Royal Phil. Orch. Freccia, conductor.

All of the above happen to be great sounding recordings, but, as I said, sonics is not a prerequisite.

At this moment I am listening to Quarteto Casals playing the Beethoven string Quartets Op.18. on Quobuz and what a treat they are .You know you are in the presence of a supreme master even with these quartets . This group are superb , they match each other in virtuosity of ensemble playing and their tone is beautifully matched to each other. 
The recording is by Harmonia Mundi and I don't think I have heard better from any other recording company , I urge you to give it a try.  

To my friends ,Len, RV and Maghister, have a great Christmas Holliday and keep clear of that horrible bug.

"Lang may yer lum reek"  an old Scots saying , Long life to you.

and Len, Don't let the bu**ers get you down.  Jim.  
One my way to Amazon for the HM cut Jim.
IMO The greatest for the last are the American Yale Qt.But very hard to find . I have the original Vinyl and if I could only keep one LP it would be it .Seen the Vinyl going for over $500!I’ll see if I can find one ,try in UK, if I find one here I’ll send it to Scotia .
The first are as good as the last, just in a different way .

Gabh mo liesgeul
The channel classics Mozart piano concerto series has been immensely satisfying for many many years. great sound and music. fwiw
To Jim, Len and all others,

Here’s to a very happy holiday season, and a rid to to this dreaded plague