Classical music newbie needs your suggestions

I purchased around 300 like new classical albums last summer. Music from a wide range of composers. I also purchased around the same amount of operas. (I may sell those).

I’m finally retired and able to pursue a lifelong desire to understand and enjoy classical music.

Pieces that move you to tears, or pluck heart strings. Your all time favorites.
The albums you’d take to that desert island.
Any suggestions are welcome.


I didn't know anything about Jazz, untill I was given about 50 lps. Played, hey, I like trombone, hey, I like Red Garland, hey I don't like big bands. Armed with that start, off I went into the world of Jazz.

You will discover what you truly like,

and you will listen to LP's you will more than likely never listen to again. Sell/trade/give away those, keep room on your shelves for more like the ones you really respond to.

After you discern what you like, then research and buy similar, as well as what types/composers/conductor/orchestra are not included in what you bought.

What a nice Xmas gift you guys (and gals?) have given me. Thanks so much.

I'm adding postit notes on each album as I listen to them, rating them, and describing the mood, etc. Then I'll sell/give away the questionable ones. I'll pull out any Mozart that happens to be in the Opera section. I already found I love the Russian composers that I have, and Hayden. But I've only just begun...

btw, do you live near me, Plainfield, NJ? After you learn more about what you respond to, I inherited a lot of LP’s and have many classical I will part with for very low price. I am more interested to have more room on my shelves.

It took me over a year to appreciate (some) music from the 40's through 50's when I bought 12 feet of albums (for $75!).

This will be a much more enjoyable experience. I listened to the whole Solti Wagner epic and some Puchinni when I was a young man.