Classical? music question

Was wondering what music is on the the old WWII documentary films of "The War Years" or "World at War"? Can't remember which, as they were similar. What I'm refering to seems to be some intense pipe organ music?
As I sort of remember, the music for THE WORLD AT WAR is an original soundtrack composed and conducted by Carl Davis, who has an excellent reputation as a film composer. As for THE WAR YEARS, are you possibly referring to THE VALIANT YEARS, a series based on Winston Churchill's books? That is also an original score composed by the legendary Richard Rodgers, who of course was also responsible for VICTORY AT SEA to say nothing of OKLAHOMA, SOUTH PACIFIC, etc.
Thank you. There was also a series called "The War Years", but haven't seen it in a long time. The music has a very unique sound, or at least I think so.