classical newbie

Can anyone recommend some recent great, essential classical cd/sacd recordings? I like vinyl but not for this. Multi-disc collections would be great too. I realize there are older threads about this but I would like the best digital versions. If that means the latest re-master, mix etc, great. If not, which are the must haves regardless of release date? Thanks.
Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra performed the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Fritz Reiner.
String quartets/quintets on the Naxos label is an inexpensive way for a newbie to explore chamber music. High quality DDD Redbook.
Thanks to you all. I think I'm going to buy a 15 cd Colin Davis collection I just read about in sterophile. Also a 55 cd collection from Decca that was on Amazon. Then some from your suggestions, which i think will be a good start. Thanks again.
Sorry to be late but, maybe, for the future. A 63CD collection of the complete recordings by Fritz Reiner and the CSO on RCA. It is on sale now at Arkiv Music for about $150 +/-. A great place to start both for performances and some vintage & excellent recordings still highly prized, especially in the LP versions for the sonics.

thanks for your post--I would have added more suggestions but had time constraints. I plan to do so soon.

Meanwhile, my favorite current quartet is the Miro Quartet. I have their early Beethoven set and have heard them live. They are just my style, might be yours also.

For the OP, you might check out the Beaux Arts trio--a great piano trio with many recordings available.