Classical piano solo—Your one favorite performance and recording

What would you choose if you only had one choice for the desert island?

Here’s one to start with:

J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations BMV 988

Glenn Gould (Zenph re-performance)

‘Sony Classical SACD

Sharing of your favorites appreciated!




i will ask my local friend, Joel-Francois Durand, professor of music composition and acting director the School of Music at the University of Washington, classical (20th Century period😁) composer, and builder of my tonearms, whether he disagrees with the Oxford dictionary definition of Classical music.

Och, you don't have to do that.  It'd be a bit like asking Robert Plant if Led Zeppelin was a heavy metal band.

There was a thread here a year or so ago and LZ featured as the best HM band of all time.  I took issue.  Oh, and Liszt is Classic.

How about if I duly proclaim some absolute, incontrovertible boundaries for the various periods of what I shall refer to as Serious Music? To be sure, actual historical dates cannot be accurately ascertained but the composers who introduced the various Serious Musical periods are THUS --

Monteverdi shall be the first composer whose music supplants Medieval music for Baroque.

Haydn shall be the composer who supplants Baroque Music with Classical.

Beethoven shall be the composer who supplants Classical Music with Romantic Music.

Stravinsky is entirely, unequivocally responsible for introducing Modern.Classical Music.

And, oh yeah -- Chuck Berry invents Rock & Roll.

Impossible to choose one, but I'll put in a good word for Clifford Curzon's Eroica Variations.


And, oh yeah -- Chuck Berry invents Rock & Roll.

No, Chuck Berry received a call from his cousin (Marvin?) who was listening to a guitar experience by Marty McFly.

This is well portrayed in the movie Back to the Future.  Get it right.

I remember being surprised when I read a book on Music Appreciation that lumped Beethoven and Schubert together as belonging to the Classical Period but being transitional figures, paving the way for early Romanticism