Clayton Audio - Alive and very well

Fellow members:
I have long been a huge fan of Clayton Audio amplifiers. I recently purchased a new S2000 Dual Mono Class A amplifier with 300 WPC.
I am thrilled with the state of the art performance, natural presentation, and black background of this amplifier. I believe the new M300 monoblocks with upgraded power supply offered by Clayton are similarly adept. I encourage those interested in high power solid state or tube amplifiers to consider the new class A Clayton Audio amplifiers. You'll be glad you did!
Happy listening to all!

You present a valid perspective, one which I adhered to strictly in my earlier years as an audiophile.  I first owned a complete Mark Levinson system and enjoyed it. I also tried Krell and Pass, also very fine products and companies...but until I tried a, then, boutique manufacturer in North Carolina called VAC and also Clayton Audio in St Louis I never realized the true potential of high end musicality.
i have not looked back or to other manufacturers since (nearly 20 years) only upgrading to their newer products when feasible.  I feel fortunate to have strayed from the major manufacturer bandwagon when I did.  That said, we do spend considerable money on our hobby and I do understand wanting to safeguard your investment.  I've had great support from VAC and Clayton over the years, but fortunately the need was rare.  Good listening!

hi audiobrian,

with your extensive years of experience with Clayton amp, could you describe its sound charactertics? does it sound clear, no curtain effect, analog, velvet but not syrupy and ideally suited for movie soundtracks, trailer music, full orchestral with modern mix, e.g. E.R.A.

 lastly does it match with ESL speakers ? due to high phase angle pose by ESL speakers. Thank you, your opinions will be highly value


Hi Phil
Clayton Audio amplifiers are, in my opinion, extremely musical.  They sound very clear and detailed, but also full bodied without "syrup". They have great authority but deliver finesse as well.  They are suited for all types of music and home theater, if you wish.  They mate beautifully with solid state and tube                    preamplifiers.  Using my M200's and now my S2000 I have driven many low and medium sensivity dynamic loudspeakers.  Although I had a pair of Martin Logan
electrostats many years ago, I still had Levinson gear back then. However, I have no doubts that the M200/M300/S2000 would sound fabulous with your ESL loudspeakers.  Wilson Shen is a remarkable designer and electrical engineer and stands behind his amplifiers, but his company is relatively small, to missioncoonery's point.  If you're looking for a great full bodied, detailed and musical solid state amplifier to drive your ESL's, I believe you will be most delighted with Clayton Audio!  If within your budget, you might consider a newer unit as Mr Shen has improved his power supplies in 2012-2013. (Upgrades have been quite infrequent) They have a somewhat commercial appearance (the S2000 the most attractive) but are built like tanks, to last and deliver wonderful music for years.  All the best!

Thanks audiobrian,

Yes, indeed i'm using ML speakers now, your comments are also very informative. my concern is whether Clayton amp would suit my genre of music. I don't use it for watching movies, but listening to soundtracks like Lord of the Rings, Inception, Princess Mononoke etc... I also listen to Pop , R&B too.. 

due to my unique taste, i needs an amp to have a lot headroom for complex dynamics, also low noise floor to be able to hear subtle notes produced from instruments at the back of an orchestral, with fast slew rate for delineating between mass strings, horns, trombones etc.. and all these should be heard without feeling a thin veil between me and the stage.

am I too demanding?

Hi Phil
My preferences are jazz and orchestra, both classical and pop.  I do also enjoy rocking out to Infected Mushroom on occasion.  IMHO the Clayton M300s or S2000 would most pleasingly drive your MLs and meet all your demands.  I'm pretty sure the M200's would suffice as well, but your demands should be fully met with Mr. Shen's 300 wpc class A models. (M300 monoblocks or S2000 stereo model). I have never run out of headroom or heard the Claytons sound harsh or veiled.  These models are not inexpensive in absolute terms, but relative to other great sounding solid state amplifiers (class A or AB) I believe it's a bargain.  Good luck with your decision!