Clayton Audio - Alive and very well

Fellow members:
I have long been a huge fan of Clayton Audio amplifiers. I recently purchased a new S2000 Dual Mono Class A amplifier with 300 WPC.
I am thrilled with the state of the art performance, natural presentation, and black background of this amplifier. I believe the new M300 monoblocks with upgraded power supply offered by Clayton are similarly adept. I encourage those interested in high power solid state or tube amplifiers to consider the new class A Clayton Audio amplifiers. You'll be glad you did!
Happy listening to all!
Hi Phil
My preferences are jazz and orchestra, both classical and pop.  I do also enjoy rocking out to Infected Mushroom on occasion.  IMHO the Clayton M300s or S2000 would most pleasingly drive your MLs and meet all your demands.  I'm pretty sure the M200's would suffice as well, but your demands should be fully met with Mr. Shen's 300 wpc class A models. (M300 monoblocks or S2000 stereo model). I have never run out of headroom or heard the Claytons sound harsh or veiled.  These models are not inexpensive in absolute terms, but relative to other great sounding solid state amplifiers (class A or AB) I believe it's a bargain.  Good luck with your decision!

Does anyone know if Wilson Shen is still servicing his Clayton Audio amps?   I sent an email to him at contact info I found in another thread ( but never got a response.



Last I had email contact with Wilson was late 2016.. Not sure if he’s still involved with business. 

Wilson Shen is definitely servicing his amplifiers.  I purchased a pair of his M100’s, and immediately sent them to him (yes, in St. Louis).  He got them back to ‘new spec’ status, and I asked him to replace the red led’s with blue ones, probably the only Clayton mono’s with all blue led’s in the universe. All my other gear have blue led’s, and personally, I just prefer the blue. These M100’s are simply fabulous.  Overall tonality is absolutely beautiful, a touch of richness, without being syrupy.  Bottom end is deep, uh, maybe I should say DEEP, and tight, and punchy (when recorded that way).  Midrange, is gorgeous.  The top is extended, but never bright, or harsh.  The best thing about the Clayton amps is the soundstage.  It is airy, and HUGE.  This is solid state at its best.