Clean AC power

The power to my house comes from the pole on the road, then underground to a large box that I assume is a transformer. This supplies power to my house only: there are no other houses within 1000’. Does this mean that I am getting very clean power?
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Dirty power is one of, if not the greatest bugaboo we have to deal with in this hobby.

I have a transformer in my backyard that feeds my home and a few of the neighbor’s homes as well. I had no idea how dirty the power was until I learned how to deal with it.

Over the past three or four years, I’ve concentrated on cleaning up my power with great success. We cannot fathom how dirty the power is, and the negative effects it has by introducing noise into our systems. This is the noise that you don’t know is there until it’s gone.

Most of the noise reduction I’ve obtained was through using Perfect PathTechnology products like The Gate, TC, the Omega Mats, The Omega PLUS Mats, and other products they offered at the time. Sadly, this stuff is no longer available.

So, I would say in your case, the power coming from the pole is dirty, and you should work toward cleaning it up.

Look on the used market here on A’gon and perhaps AudioMart for PPT products coming on the market second-hand. I know a couple of "Gates" have been sold recently. Not cheap by any means, but they provide for a VERY substantial improvement in lowering AC noise. Look for the Omega mats too, especially the Omega PLUS mats.

Also, look into things like the aftermarket fuses that are talked about on this site ... they lower noise too.

The difference in sound quality through the use of these products is totally amazing.

Thanks for the suggestions. You said you found out that your power was very dirty. Did you actually measure it or just discover it by adding the conditioner?
^^^ The only measurement gauges I own are my ears.  The differences can be clearly heard, and are quite striking.

In my opinion none of the stuff works. I’ve bought lots of it and tried lots of it and couldn’t find any difference in sound. I live in now housing development and if it was gonna be dirty it would be dirty by me because there is lots of houses with lots of people on computers. Spend your money on good quality equipment and you won’t have to worry about your powerMost of the companies have stuff already built and that automatically cleans it