Clean AC power

The power to my house comes from the pole on the road, then underground to a large box that I assume is a transformer. This supplies power to my house only: there are no other houses within 1000’. Does this mean that I am getting very clean power?
I use two Chang Lightspeed CLS 709 power line filters.

One on main stereo system, and one on home theater system.

As mentioned, your system may sound noise free, until you add a noise reduction device, and notice a big change....more 3D soundstage, very quiet background, clearer, brighter video, etc.

Thanks. The improvements you report are just what I'm wishing for. Was hesitating on regenerators, with PS Audio's entry-level being double the price of the Audioquest. Believe I will start just where you did and, with luck, maybe need look no further.

Dirty power = Distortion (noise) comes from 3 primary sources:

1) The utility company – coming into the house circuit breaker panel.

2) Appliances within the house – eg: TV’s, computers, fluorescent lighting, refrigerators, HVAC, hair-dryers, etc.

See: Jea48’s post above

3) The audio components themselves – especially, the digital ones.

Each digital component – modem, router, streamer, bridge, DAC, etc – regurgitates noise back into the audio circuit – as well as throughout the house – and visa versa. Eventually, this noise creates distortion in the audio signal.

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The only measurement gauges I own are my ears. The differences can be clearly heard, and are quite striking.


If ’something’ seems off when listening to music - such as a harsh vocal or a ringing piano note or a strident violin  - ask yourself:

Would that ’something’ be allowed on that recording:

- By the recording engineer?

- By the mastering engineer?

- By the record producer?

- By the record label?

- By the recording artist?

Probably not. There’s a good likelihood that dirty power is the culprit. Its causing distortions that shouldn’t be there.

I also use Chang Lightspeed gear, I think the model is 6400.  It works well for my system.  I have read some negative comments about Chang's components some time back, but it seems to work well in my experience.
Everything makes a difference. My electronics allow the user to turn off the displays while in operation. Things always sound better with the displays off. It is the same type of noise reduction being discussed here.