Clean AC power

The power to my house comes from the pole on the road, then underground to a large box that I assume is a transformer. This supplies power to my house only: there are no other houses within 1000’. Does this mean that I am getting very clean power?
I also use Chang Lightspeed gear, I think the model is 6400.  It works well for my system.  I have read some negative comments about Chang's components some time back, but it seems to work well in my experience.
Everything makes a difference. My electronics allow the user to turn off the displays while in operation. Things always sound better with the displays off. It is the same type of noise reduction being discussed here.

I know that there are a zillion causes of electrical noise within the home. I'd like to know --just out of curiosity--what effect on the mains power the following have:

Step-down transformer feeding my house. It is at the end of the line, no other house being supplied. Does the transformer by nature clean up the power?

All audio equipment on a dedicated circuit and single heavy duty outlet. I suspect that the outlet is only better than a standard one in safety specs.

I cleaned up and reseated the hot wire coming from the breaker in the panel. I also removed a fair amount of grunge on the breaker clip. Don't know if this had any audible effect.

I tried a 1-to-1 transformer to feed all the front-end electronics. It was a fairly cheap unit but rated sufficiently. Can't say I herd any difference.

Any insights on these measures?
I've posted they before but some time ago I spoke to an AT&T tech who doing an install in my neighbors apartment. He used to teach electrical engineering at the local community college but preferred to work out in the field. 

He told me that they were sending up to 5 TBs of data using the fields generated by the power in the lines across the city. That doesn't just stop at a transformer, and if anything, engulfs it. More than some of that will make it's way down the line to your place, to dirty up the AC.

That was years ago and it doesn't seem too much to think all carriers are doing something of the sort all over the place.

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