Clean AC power

The power to my house comes from the pole on the road, then underground to a large box that I assume is a transformer. This supplies power to my house only: there are no other houses within 1000’. Does this mean that I am getting very clean power?
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Heh. Good one. What I'm talkin' bout. Perfectly simple thing anyone can undertake with a little common sense. Instead of, "You can do it, just pay attention and be careful" we get a 500 word horror story.  

Reminds me of when I was a kid learning to drive. Instead of actually teaching anyone how to drive they spend the whole time on horror stories and oh by the way red means stop.  

Silly people. Never will stop. 
@jea4 - yeah when I'm opening a panel with 3 phase VAC I step to the side and have had some pretty interesting looks when I've told people to step aside and move way back, and I'll absolutely wait for them to comply.

The PPE I have worn when training for 480 three phase, gave me some idea of how dangerous even that is (high joule rating). ISOLATION. Lock out, tag out.
Anyone doing electrical work on their own home, I would highly recommend purchasing an AC detector pen.
I often use it to quickly troubleshoot motor controls, easily finds faults on three phase monitors, motor starters etc. (and then I break out the Fluke). And if it's right there I'll wave it over the conductors just to be super sure, I've absolutely isolated the correct circuit.

Almost every test in my instrumentation course I did, covered how many milliamps it took to stop a heart.