Cleanest CD recording to test with

... hello to all...

I'm sure this has been a topic of discussion from all different perspectives, regarding well-recorded music that although it is sudio produced (as opposed to a recorded live event) is so clean and "real soundin" - you close your eyes and the artist/musicians are REALLY THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!

For me the following exhibit what I'm talking about: the 1st disc of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 'STADIUM ARCADIUM', NORA JONES ' COME AWAY WITH ME', JONI MITCHELL 'BLUE', MILES DAVIS 'KIND OF BLUE' and DAVE BRUBECK 'TAKE FOUR'...for Older recording the brand/issuer seems to make a major difference.

Your suggestions/recomendations would be greatly appreciated - please help me expand my repertoire of what I term EXPERT STUDIO RECORDINGS.   
It's important to note; CD quality can vary widely, between discs.   ie: My son has a copy of Roger Waters' Amused To Death, that presents a phenomenal amount of ambient info and imaging tricks(via QSound algorithms), when played on my system.  I bought the same disc(same Columbia release/number) and it possessed none of the first's qualities.
...exactly: I have several 'copies' of KIND OF BLUE by Miles Davis, by different issuers and the resolution (if I can use that term) varies widely.

I've pulled out CRYSTAL SILENCE and have made that my wake-up music - great piano and vibraphone...

 Great thread, here are my choices:

 Mark Murphy, Love is what it Says

 Sara K, Waterfalls, on Stockfisch,

Both just grab you with the first bar and you know you will always love the CD. To qualify that, the first track on Waterfalls is a recording of a busker, so maybe the second track.  Incidentally, Stockfisch is pretty much my favourite label, great artists and recordings


this subject matter for a thread never gets old nor outdated. It is still a wonderful topic open for discussion and interpretation anytime. Now, to address your initial query;
My reference disc: Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething- CD or SACD (2004) Verve label.  Piano Jazz Trio music that is very well recorded, minimalist approach. An excellent disc to test both melodic and percussive nature of the piano.

I concur with your other selections as above. Let me know your impressions if you decide to pick up this title.  Happy Listening!
... my CD go-to tracks for small jazz groups are Lars Erstrand and Four Brothers (track 7 - un-named, off 'OPUS 3 Test Record 3' CD) and "PLAYED TWICE" by The Fred Hersch Trio (off Chesky Records 'The Ultimate Demonstration Disc')...