Cleaning audio components with 90% isopropyl alcohol

I am about to clean the cable tips and the component input jacks with 90% isopropyl alcohol. The question is, how long do I have to wait before I plug everything back in? Thanks everyone.


Use Deoxit D5 for initial cleaning, then apply PreservIT P5 to preserve the surfaces. This is an industry standard in recording studios world wide.  

Electronics alcohol is great...the 99% is best second.Mg chem contact cleaner,no residue.Alcohol has a wait time if spray.

Alcohol is NOT the best. I am not saying it is dangerous to use on your equipment but like one mention here that era legit contact cleaners out there. Even 90% leaves a residue which in theory can cause a less than perfect connection.

Contact cleaner is NOT expensive. Take the time to treat your expensive equipment with loving kindness. PLEASE.

Contact Cleaner AND Lubricant combo is best for moving parts. F type for plastic parts. IF there are thin felt or foam light blocking parts within, Audio Classics recommends NOT cleaning their innards UNLESS you know that part is problematic.

other contact cleaners do not have lubricant, like this one

alcohol does leave a residue, I blow dry parts I clean with a small compressor in my shop.

don’t forget to have some liquid bearing in the shop

and some rubber restorer

wear gloves if you use Goof Off or anything like this, I messed up my fingers permanently cleaning a large tape deck with years of tobacco residue with no gloves



I've been using MG Chemicals ElecroSolve for years now.

Prior to that I used Cramolin (sp?) which may have later developed into Deoxit by Caig and for a while I used Kontak cleaner from Europe.

I've been told that alcohol can damage the gold plating on tube pins, so I do not use it on anything gold plated.

I've also read (here) that high percentage isopropyl alcohol most likely contains carcinogens due to the manufacturing process so I switched to 91% to use in my DIY vinyl cleaning solution.

The MG cleaner is readily available on the WWW.

Sorry for more run-ons than usual, but I'm in a hurry and out the door.