cleaning gritty surface noise on LPs

Back in the '70s I used a Disc Preener to clean my records.  At times I, or perhaps a roommate, might have gotten the Disc Preener too moist, and the result has been a low-level, gritty surface noise on some of those old records that are otherwise in good shape.

I've tried cleaning them with various record cleaning solutions (mostly alcohol-based) with my Nitty Gritty RCM, and nothing has lessened this particular noise, even though they have worked fine with other LPs.

Has anyone encountered this problem and solved it?


Follow the Neil Antin' Manual Cleaning Method

There is a result I have attained from using this Method, that I can only describe as a Purified LP once cleaned.

When set up last Winter to Batch Clean I could comfortably complete 10 LP's per hour, with the first cleaned LP being replay able after approx 20 Minutes. 

Is there methods that are speedier than this?

What is the outlay /$'s required for the added luxury of machine cleaning and extra speed?

For the record, I have a redundant US Tank


They may well be damaged beyond repair, but I would try washing them in the sink with some Dawn and free-flowing water. Sometimes the amount of rinsing you can get on the nitty gritty is not adequate to remove all the residue. No need to wet the labels. After the sink wash, use a regular fluid on the NG to remove tap water residues. Worth a try I think. 


Thanks.  A nice, inexpensive solution.

I've also ordered the MoFi cleaning solutions, to see if any of them work better than the ones I've used.

When cleaning records a rinse is always required after any cleaning. An often over looked verity in record cleaning.