Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers

What do you use to polish and maintain exotic wood loudspeakers? I have a Crimson Birdseye veneer and I wonder if there is anything I can do to keep the shine as well as protect it. For the meantime, I just buff mine with a cotton shirt. Thanks!
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I agree with Elizabeth. Coming from a wood working background, I know there are others that are going to respsond with all kinds of oils and furniture polishes. I HIGHLY advise against this. A cotton T-shirt will do just fine. Oils and polishes are likely to ruin the finish put on by the manufacturer.
Elizabeth & S7horton - thanks for the response. So, I am doing something right after all! The finish looks very shiny and has a clear coating so I am assuming that it has been applied with several layers of varnish. Just to be on the safe side I will contact the manufacturer.
I've used pure lemon oil furniture polish for years with no detrimental effects to the speakers and it keeps the wood veneer moisturized and clean.