Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers

What do you use to polish and maintain exotic wood loudspeakers? I have a Crimson Birdseye veneer and I wonder if there is anything I can do to keep the shine as well as protect it. For the meantime, I just buff mine with a cotton shirt. Thanks!
Elizabeth & S7horton - thanks for the response. So, I am doing something right after all! The finish looks very shiny and has a clear coating so I am assuming that it has been applied with several layers of varnish. Just to be on the safe side I will contact the manufacturer.
I've used pure lemon oil furniture polish for years with no detrimental effects to the speakers and it keeps the wood veneer moisturized and clean.
Here we go.....I use baby diapers !!! I think they are smoother, softer and have less lint to ''wipe'' or polish my speakers with.
Jependleton, you don't want wood to be moisturized. That's why wood workers, and anyone who builds with wood dries it for long periods of time before it's used. It's also why people use any number of finishes. To protect the surface from many things includes moisture.

I've been building and selling custom furniture of all types for a living for over forty years and have yet to have a problem using lemon oil, especially on veneers. Veneers can start to split when they get too dry regardless of the finish on them. I have veneered pieces more than forty years old with the original finishes that have been wiped down regularly that show no noticable change in the appearance of the finish. I would be more worried about getting the lemon oil on the cones and surrounds of the speakers.