Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers

What do you use to polish and maintain exotic wood loudspeakers? I have a Crimson Birdseye veneer and I wonder if there is anything I can do to keep the shine as well as protect it. For the meantime, I just buff mine with a cotton shirt. Thanks!

I've been building and selling custom furniture of all types for a living for over forty years and have yet to have a problem using lemon oil, especially on veneers. Veneers can start to split when they get too dry regardless of the finish on them. I have veneered pieces more than forty years old with the original finishes that have been wiped down regularly that show no noticable change in the appearance of the finish. I would be more worried about getting the lemon oil on the cones and surrounds of the speakers.
This is an area I have been fanatical about,since buying my Avalon Ascents some years ago.They have a gorgeous olivewood finish that cannot be had,due to deforestation .I used to collect Martin guitars,and even with their stunning gloss finishes Martin had no problem with polish,so long as it was their polish in use.

What I have done(I did have a bit of woodworking experience,years ago)was to find the finest furniture polish available.I was very careful about the ingredients.It seems that natural oils is a GOOd thing,in that it will not penetrate a good finish.It will help protect against what is called "finish checking".Even if some were to meander into some grain,it most likely would moisten,slightly,and help keep it from aging.Just wipe thoroughly(leave no residue).We have all seen this.Just look at the grain pattern on an old piece of furniture.If it's a long grain hardwood,you will most likely see a slight seperation(actually a splitting)at many of the grains.This is normal,yet can be GREATLY reduced by the regular use of one of the better products.I use Weimans furniture cream.Damn expensive,and available commercially.Truthfully,my speakers really Do look exactly as they did after unpacking.Knock on wood.I told you I was a fanatic!Sorry!I buff,with this before every seasonal change.

Also make sure you have a good humidity level in the room.You can always get a digital humidifier to run,if you don't have one in your main heating system.This is important.

Also,a soft flannel cloth is actually better than a cotton shirt.Cotton is more abrasive than flannel.Cut up some old P.J.s!!Heh,heh!!

Off I go to Home Depot and find myself some Weimans then. If not, then my kid's pj will do. What do you guys think about sirspeedy's suggestion? I am no wood expert so all your feedback is appreciated...
I too am a custom furniture builder. If the right adhesive and finish are used, there should be no splitting. Finishes from 40 years ago are not as good as today's finishes. There should be absolutely no need to wipe it down with anything other than a dry cloth.

The simply fact is, if the lemon oil is penetrating the wood itself, the finish is not doing it's job.
The most important thing NOT to use is anything citrus based. It will bleach your finish over time.