Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers

What do you use to polish and maintain exotic wood loudspeakers? I have a Crimson Birdseye veneer and I wonder if there is anything I can do to keep the shine as well as protect it. For the meantime, I just buff mine with a cotton shirt. Thanks!
Horton,can't say I disagree with you.Actually Avalon claims that nothing is necessary.

However,and I'm most likely a bit over the top here,yet my 15 yr old Ascents look EXACTLY like "hour one",with all the crap floating around in the air,as well as household pollutants,it seems like "not too big a stretch" to give a nice protective coating once every 3 months ago.A good cardio workout as well. -:)

As a professional restorer/conservator I concur with S7horton's comments on this matter. Moisture has no place in solid or wood veneer. In fact, one reason that clear coat finishes are applied in the first place is to keep moisture out. Clear coat finishes do not soak in oils or waxes either, all of that stuff stays on top of the finish. The best thing one can do to keep your wood items looking new is to keep them away from sunlight and heat. Dusting with a clean, soft slightly damp cloth as all that is needed.

As for lemon oil products, they are an oily petroleum distillate with a lemon scent added. They will add a temporary shine, but that's it.
BTW,Horton,as wood ages,it tends to dry out,and can change it'e properties(I'm not trying to be smug,and am sure you know this).No finish/coating can stop this.Slow it down,slightly,but not stop it.The tiny seperations I mentioned are common even in todays finishes.They actually look like the grain,yet are what is known as "finish checking".This is what the finer polish type treatments claim to help diminish,and slow.Some may,some may not.
Ok now y'all have me wondering. For years I have used Armor All on most of my wood furniture with only good results.
More recently, I've been told that this is bad. Can any one out there help me. OK I have never owned anything made of any exotic wood. But I have used Armor All for like thirty years.
sirspeedy: I tried to email you to discuss avalon ascents. I own a pair. Didn't go thru. Is the listed address correct?