Cleaning speaker cabinet? NHT 2.5i

Hi guys,

Does anybody have any advice on cleaning speaker cabinets? In the manual for my speakers it says to use a damp cloth or a mild non-abrasive cleaner (any good examples?).

I have a pair of NHT 2.5i speakers - I only recently picked them up and they have smudges and fingerprints all over them, I want to see how nice I can make the cabinets look. I have the high gloss black finish to clarify.

I dusted them off with a microfiber cloth just now, but I figure I will wait for some responses before I do anything else. Thanks!
Interesting, you think that would work better than wax? I wouldn't use furniture cleaner as I've heard it can have potential to damage the finish (though i'm sure it works for many). I figured I would try some wax though (like that NXT tech wax) as the guy on the other forum actually used that on his NHTs and said it worked very well, but maybe this Plexus stuff would be better? I just read about it online and it looks pretty interesting..
The Plexus recommendation is a very good one. I use it on my motorcycle helmet visor and windshield and it does a much better job than anything else I've ever used.
You guys are making feel guilty. I just use Windex and a paper towel on my NHTs. Been doing it for years. They look great, with no swirl marks.