Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables

I know there have been some threads/discussion on Clear Day cables here, but I wanted to write my own opinions since I recently purchased a pair of their double shotgun cables after trying their regular shotgun cables for free.
I am so happy that I took Paul (Laudati, the owner) up on his offer to send me a pair to try for free. Until I heard these cables I had no idea what a huge difference a speaker cable can make. And the prices for his cables are really reasonable as well.
The double shotgun wires simply shine. The depth of the soundstage is amazing. The bass is so clear and defined and also deep and rich. Treble is also clear and detailed without any harshness. The mid-range retains a bit of congestion, but my cables are only a few days old and have only around 40 hours on them. Paul tells me it will take a few weeks for them to relax and open up. Based on my experiences with the standard shotguns, which were already broken in when I got them, I have no doubt this is the case.
As you can tell I am not much of a reviewer, but I hope if nothing else that I have made folks aware of this great speaker cable option. They are so awesome I want to tell everyone I know about them. I'm so glad I found them because of the countless hundreds of dollars spent on other cables that had nowhere near the impact that these have on the sound. Paul sends demo pairs out for free fully knowing that most folks will want to keep them once they have heard them. Not many companies do this. I wonder why?
I'm glad to see someone else enjoying them as much as I do. I have owned them for 3 years and nothing I've compared them to come's close. They are by a long country mile the "best" deal in the history of audio. Nothing else I can think of can give such a big bang for your buck. Like Snackeyp above I'm no reviewer but these are highly recommended. Take em to your friends houses that have thousands of dollar's invested in speaker cable, don't tell them what they are, insert and watch your friends reaction. Then tell them. Works every time. No affiliation with Clear Day, just killer stuff. The Double Shotgun worked best for me. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone.
singles worked best in my tubed system....the shotguns had too much detail and soundstaging, if you can believe that! those would work well with ss gear to turn the 2D soundstage into 3D...the owner of Clear Day is most pleasant also. great product!!
I'm using 2 pairs of Double Shotgun for bi-wire. A great sounding cables, great value. Paul is a pleasure to deal with.