Clear Day vs Acoustic Zen

As I mentioned in another thread, I am looking to make one or two upgrades to my system this year. Total budget is around $500 - 600. My current system is:
B&W CM10
Parasound A21
Cambridge Audio Azur 851D (preamp + DAC)
Cheap Audioquest wires (I think I paid around $50 for an 8 ft pair).

The two speaker cables that I've seen mentioned a lot here are Clear Day and Acoustic Zen Sartori. I almost pulled the plug on a pair of used AZ Sartori a week ago, but it was sold before I could make an offer.
There are other AZ Satoris on sale here at agon but they're all over 8 ft, which is not what I want.

However, I see that for the same $$$ for used AZs, I can get brand new Clear Day Double Shotguns.

Has anybody compared these two in their systems? Given that B&W is generally considered to be a tad bit on the bright side, I wonder if the silver in Clear Day might not be the best choice?
Arafiq for digital the Pangea ac14mark se is so cheap but it's so good, for amp the Pangea the reviews on Amazon 
@jayctoy Your recommendation of Pangea AC14 is definitely worth considering. I have narrowed down my search to the following four:

1. Cerious Technologies GE power cord (most expensive, since only available as new)

2. AZ Tsunami (around $280)

3. Cullen Crossover Series 2 ($325)

4. Pangea Audio AC 14SE MK2 Signature - only $65.00

I wonder if Cerious Technologies is 'that much' better than the Pangeas, especially for a mid-fi system like mine. But it does sound the most intriguing, albeit the most expensive, option available.

Has anyone compared the Pangeas with other PC's in the < $500 range?

Arafiq I tried Tsunami before I don't have the recollection of being a good pc, if Iam not mistakem Pangea pc was compared to the well known Kimber Palladian, He said it's very close, I don't remember where the review is, maybe here at Agon? Or Amazon.
Dragon....I use ClearDay double shotgun with my all Ayre/Vandersteen system and have found them spectacularly good.  I've tried many cables but none are as truthful in my system as the ClearDays.  Only the very expensive top of the line Wireworld gives a very slightly better sense of "ease" as do the ClearDays....but only in an A/B comparison.