Clear Day vs Acoustic Zen

As I mentioned in another thread, I am looking to make one or two upgrades to my system this year. Total budget is around $500 - 600. My current system is:
B&W CM10
Parasound A21
Cambridge Audio Azur 851D (preamp + DAC)
Cheap Audioquest wires (I think I paid around $50 for an 8 ft pair).

The two speaker cables that I've seen mentioned a lot here are Clear Day and Acoustic Zen Sartori. I almost pulled the plug on a pair of used AZ Sartori a week ago, but it was sold before I could make an offer.
There are other AZ Satoris on sale here at agon but they're all over 8 ft, which is not what I want.

However, I see that for the same $$$ for used AZs, I can get brand new Clear Day Double Shotguns.

Has anybody compared these two in their systems? Given that B&W is generally considered to be a tad bit on the bright side, I wonder if the silver in Clear Day might not be the best choice?
@oleschool - I would love to buy AZ Tsunami used, but so far I have only come across dealers selling new or demo for over $250.
After much deliberation, I decided to go with Cerious Technologies High Current PC. Will post my impressions once I get them and break them in for about 50 hours or so.

Stringreen, I totally agree clear day cables are amazing cables....their inner detail is superb without brightness...

I tried Clear Day DS and returned them after a few weeks as they didn't work well with my tube monoblocs sounding slightly closed in and congested. My home-made $10 per foot Neotech Teflon insulated UP-OCC 6N copper blew them away.