Clearaudio Maestro turntable discontinued

This is the 'table w/70mm platter. Anyone know of problems leading to being discontinued? Most viable table designs last a long time.
I have one and wonder if service, parts will be a problem down the road, and also if there is anything I should be aware of now...will admit I am not a techie!
Are you think of the Master Solution TT? That was part of Clearaudio's older TT lineup using acrylic plinths, platters and external low torque motor.

I have one and it is still serviceable. Clearaudio just went a different direction with their POM platters, Panzerholz plinths and high torque motors w optical spped control built in. At much higher prices however.
Clearaudio renew some of the gear this year.

Champion models are discontinued and you have now Innovation series. They also change some cartridge models and discontinue the SPG power generator

Flagship Master Innovation is a genuine piece of art