Clearaudio Magnify tonearm- replacing anti skate wire.


I need a few tips on installing a new anti skate wire. The anti skate knob has a very small pin on top that the wire goes around as part of the locking process. Also, what is the gap between the magnets?

The arm is used (US Audio Mart), looks like it got a hefty bang in shipping causing the magnets to come together and pinch on the bubblewrap that was used to protect it. I twisted the anti skate knob until it came off (wire had come loose in the knob). At the time I did not grasp the wire & magnet relationship and finished up breaking the wire with repeated attempts to connect wire in the knob.

Clearaudio's price to replace the wire is reasonable but I pulled the arm apart in order to remove the wire. Plan "B" put the arm back together and ship to Clearaudio.

Should I use rubber/plastic spacer between the magnets while I connect the wire, also thickness of spacer?

My Clearaudio dealer doesn't want to know, I don't blame him.








send to clearaudio. you will know for certain that everything is ’right’. get a spare wire/weight now? you never know when parts become unobtainable.

I agree. Just send it to Clearaudio for proper repair.

I forgot all about the Magnify anti-skate adjustment. I hated it, and it was marginally better than the one for the Clarify (under the arm board). I had both arms and no longer have either - the magnetic bearings were a problem for me.

The Universal anti-skate adjustment is easy and sensible.