Clearwave Speakers?

Anyone heard these?
J_fav, those speakers were not broken in, they later changed a lot. I do not find them laid back.
Nothing wrong with sound being somewhat "laid back". I've heard many great sounding systems that are, probably the majority. That also often translates to less fatigue, longer listening sessions, and more enjoyment in the end. ALso probably healthier for the ears over the long haul. Could be an advantage with the Clearwave that goes along with the name? YMMV.

Brian, in your gorgeous but I would assume also quite lively sounding log home/room, you might never have to worry much about laid back sound!

I recall once in college taking my original OHM Walsh 2s, which were notoriously laid back, to a rental log cottage for a week during spring break and the sound there was suddenly breathtakingly in your face (which worked well for a bunch of college kids on spring break) and no longer laid back! Totally different presentation!
I did my listening Saturday evening ... after playing Friday all night and then Saturday, I'd have to think they were close to being broken in.

No, there's nothing wrong with laid back. There's noting wrong with the Clearwave sound I heard, just that it wasn't what I was looking for personally. They were a very nice sounding speaker, and built well for the price with quality components. I just wanted a bit more excitement is all, different strokes.
Well, those speakers from RMAF are in my living room and I can say without question that they were not fully broken in; I was looking to sell them the first week.

May be true Mapmn; that said, I have had some systems that were laid back. I suspect if I didn't have vaulted ceilings it would be a greater issue.

I suppose it is all relative.

All that really matters is the end result!

I'd curious to know what setup you found to be laid back in your room in comparison?