Clearwave Speakers?

Anyone heard these?
I did my listening Saturday evening ... after playing Friday all night and then Saturday, I'd have to think they were close to being broken in.

No, there's nothing wrong with laid back. There's noting wrong with the Clearwave sound I heard, just that it wasn't what I was looking for personally. They were a very nice sounding speaker, and built well for the price with quality components. I just wanted a bit more excitement is all, different strokes.
Well, those speakers from RMAF are in my living room and I can say without question that they were not fully broken in; I was looking to sell them the first week.

May be true Mapmn; that said, I have had some systems that were laid back. I suspect if I didn't have vaulted ceilings it would be a greater issue.

I suppose it is all relative.

All that really matters is the end result!

I'd curious to know what setup you found to be laid back in your room in comparison?

I had a Mac 402/46 combo with W/P 7's that was a bit laid back with a recessed mid-range. I must say it was suggested that I swap out the C46 but I was too stubborn, something I greatly regret.
Thanks Mapman. For the frequency response it is available, I have seen it for my speakers, I am not sure if Jed has them posted on his web or not, but he does have them. They are very ruler flat, I can see if I can post mine or someone could ask Jed to post on his site if they want to see it.

As far as the design they are actually a 2.5 way (not 2-way) design so the Accutons are doing a lot if not all of the midrange vocals. They blend and cross over invisibly with the tweeter, but yes, the mid/woofer Accuton is doing a lot there.

As far as laid back that is surprising, it could have been the break in as Brian has said. To me, they are anything but laid back. I could actually understand someone saying they are too aggressive, but not too laid back. The speakers were actually voiced for loud, aggressive and dynamic Rock music.

Hope this helps. I am just very excited about these speakers and happy to see some people talking about them.