Clearwave Speakers?

Anyone heard these?
I had a Mac 402/46 combo with W/P 7's that was a bit laid back with a recessed mid-range. I must say it was suggested that I swap out the C46 but I was too stubborn, something I greatly regret.
Thanks Mapman. For the frequency response it is available, I have seen it for my speakers, I am not sure if Jed has them posted on his web or not, but he does have them. They are very ruler flat, I can see if I can post mine or someone could ask Jed to post on his site if they want to see it.

As far as the design they are actually a 2.5 way (not 2-way) design so the Accutons are doing a lot if not all of the midrange vocals. They blend and cross over invisibly with the tweeter, but yes, the mid/woofer Accuton is doing a lot there.

As far as laid back that is surprising, it could have been the break in as Brian has said. To me, they are anything but laid back. I could actually understand someone saying they are too aggressive, but not too laid back. The speakers were actually voiced for loud, aggressive and dynamic Rock music.

Hope this helps. I am just very excited about these speakers and happy to see some people talking about them.
The speakers were actually voiced for loud, aggressive and dynamic Rock music.
Seems like an odd statement. If I cared I would ask Jed.

I manufacturer the speakers at, so I feel a reply to Acurus's comment, "The speakers were actually voiced for loud, aggressive and dynamic Rock music," could use some clarification, since it has been brought up here, and recently brought to my attention.

The Symphonia 72R and 7R-- conceived in early 2011, using the Accuton and RAAL drivers, point to point crossovers, etc., were created to be neutral to the source yet not invoke listener fatigue. This characteristic was considered and engineered into the crossover network by incorporating a response that results in the smoothest power response possible. Many networks result in a peak in the presence region off axis where the ear is most sensitive. This is not the case with the Symphonia 72R crossover and resulting summed power response. Therefore, recordings that often are aggressive (some associate this with rock music) sound tolerable with the Symphonias, because they do not overemphasize the flaws in the source. In conclusion, it's not to say the Symphonias will lack detail with other music.

I hope that helps clarify my intent as the designer. I appreciate all forms of music and think speakers should convey each genre accurately and musically. I believe the Symphonia Series is no exception to that philosophy.

I don't make it over here very often, so if anyone has further questions, feel free to shoot me an email. I'm happy to talk things over in more detail.

Best Regards,
I have owned these now for 6+ months and have to say they are very impressive. Finish and build quality is 1st rate. More importantly, the sound is phenomenal - detailed, yet not at all clinical, with a very powerful bass response. Would recommend an amp that is voiced on the neutral to slightly warm side, as I think the Accutron drivers do best with a fuller amp. They are efficient so 50 + watts should work great. They work very well with my Audia Flight 50 amp, which is 50 watts Class A. I think these are a really great value.