Clearwave Symphonia 72R Speakers

Anyone have some experience with these speakers that can post their thoughts or impressions? I see they use RAAL and Accuton drivers. Been a lot of talk of Vapor and Evolution Acoustics, but these look interesting too.
I have a set, I have had them since November. My first experience with Clearwave speakers was when my friend brought his Minuet M72's over and I was very pleased with those, I think they are a great speaker. Note: I experienced a bit of a bump in the mid-bass, but I didn't spend any time with placement; my friend says it is not an issue for him.

When I first received the Symphonia 72R's I wasn't thrilled with them, even a week later I was thinking that I would take the M72's over them. They were more detailed in the upper end but they lacked warmth, weren't coherent and to my surprise lacked the bottom end I was expecting.

When I knew I was going to be gone for awhile I would turn on the satellite radio and turn it up. Doing so made a noticeable difference in a short period, but I have found that they have continued to break in months later. The last thing to settle in for me was the warmth I was wishing for, but over this time I gained all the aspects I lacked early on; I find them well balanced.

The last decade I did a lot of buying and selling and the last couple years not so much, I would like to settle into an enjoyable system as I can not do the buying/selling of the past. I am very pleased with the Symphonia 72R's and feel I will enjoy them into the future, absolutely no regrets.

Right from the start I found the RAAL driver being used to be amazing and I continue to feel that way. It has taken some time for the Accuton's to settle in.

A side note, I also greatly enjoy watching TV with these, far more than anything else I have owned.
thanks for informative post on this speaker. I was kind of curious about these and it looks like other than kits, Clearwave's finished products are fairly new so there is not a lot of info. They use good drivers and the speakers look pretty good too.
Jed became quite well known by the DIY crowd with his designs and has decided to enter the speaker market himself. Besides quality drivers, Jed uses very good cross-over parts as well.
I own the 72Rs, they are the best speaker I have heard with the exception of the $46k Proac Carbon 8s. They are that good.
Have the Clearwave owners or listeners heard other Accuton-driver speakers such as Kharma 3.2s and thought they were similar? I like the out-of-box imaging from the Accuton.