Clement Perry's new reference speaker

I just got finished reading on the Stereo Times website a review of the Sunny Cable Magistic reference speaker by Clement Perry who is the publisher/founder of this website.

These speakers retail for $90000.00 a pair, they are a horn based speaker design. Mr Clement's reference was the highly regarded Dali Megaliners, untill he tried these in his home system.

I have never anywere read or talked to anyone who has ever heard Sunny Cables wires and speakers, only on the Stereo Times were they are quite impressed by this line of wires and now this reference speaker.

So, my question to you GON members, have any of you ever listened or auditioned Sunny Cable wires or their line of speakers, if so thanks for sharing
I agree with some of the above posts. Some brands are shooting stars; they appear out of nowhere, are ll the rage for a while, then disappear. During their moment in the sun, the 'gon is loaded with ads for people selling them, then they seem to disappear from the used market. It seems like one enthusiastic person can create quite a stir. Items like the Audiomecca Mephisto, ReimyoCD player, Stellavox amps. I always wondered what was going on. Do people buy them, find out they weren't worth the hype, and sell, so that the same few units get sold here repeatedly, until the price is low enough that the person at the end of the chain keeps it? Of course, none of the owners is willing to say they were disappointed in the product, lest they then have trouble selling it, or after selling it, offend the person they just sold it to.
I had the chance to listen to the Sunny Loudspeaker at RMAF 2007
The model I listened to was the H3W12, hooked to his Sunny Supreme Cables, and PC's along with the "Sunny Box". This particular model cost $27000 weighing over 350 each, the speakers are quite large, very nicely built, however they are a 3way configurated speaker. I listened for about an hour, the speaker is very smooth not at all over the top, does just about everything well, I was impressed with the overall presentation I heard on that day. I did not have my own music, so it was difficult to evaluate without knowing what to lisen for, however some of the music played that afternoon sounded extremely good. Very much "live", no grain transients were perfect, 3D soundstage was the best I've heard. All this was done through mediocre componenets.
I would have loved to listen to them in my own home, however theres no way I could afford the speakers and those expensive cables.
If I had the resources to buy and sell audio when ever the urge hit me, BOY O BOY I WOULD,but, back to reality, I do not buy and sell audio equipment. I always do what research needs done before I buy(my-ears), and then hold on to it, UNTIL I feel my next upgrade is truly worth doing.
I think that as far as the basics are concerned in the audio world, the peaks have been hit,for the most part...
The upside of the 'net is that there are lots of reviews to be had for free. The downside is the same thing.
2 friends of mine have heard Clement's system. Both are extremely critical of system, and both liked it. One said it was about the best he had heard.

However Clement is using powerful room correcttion and would not play the system without the correction. I think the cost of his entire system is something like 400K.