Clementine Media player

Anybody using it ??
I use it. Its a great all around player that can support very large libraries. It can do most, if not all that Amarok can do but, without the silly interface. I don't feel I'm experienced enough with CA to judge sound quality, but I do know a few people that think it sounds good.
I used it on mac and while it,s OK ,it is still a freebie and the sound is not as good .
If you really want better sound quality and interface look into the J River .Well worth it the 50 dollars.
I'ts a cross platform-open source project and a good alternative to itunes.

I haven't spent much time with it. Still using foobar.
I haven't tried it recently, but on Mac Clementine was way behind sonically. If you are going to run it via Linux, stay away from PulseAudio and try to use ALSA. If I were you, I'd try HQPlayer and experiment with it's upsampling unless you are running a NOS DAC. Better yet, use the old laptop as a HQPlayer NAA (akin to JPlay two PC set up).

There is a steep curve to get it running, but the HQPlayer upsampling algorithms were the single biggest leap in audio software for me.
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