Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Canton, Ohio. No interest in HT. My Apogee Stages provide all the "surround sound" I need.
Bozo I'm with you. Movies are just fine through my stereo set up.
I'm not into those types of movies that have jets, choppers etc. any-
way. I once saw a movie at a theater and there was a guy standing
on a beach gazing out at the ocean and the "really cool" effects
had the water sounds behind you. When's the last time you stood
in front of a body of water and the sounds of the waves were behind you. If there is a movie I want to see on the big screen, and
there's not many, I'll go to the Cinemark. I was at a local A/V store
recently and one of the salesman said he couldn't understand why
us Stereo Stalwarts had a problem with muti-channel set ups. He
said just switch your DPL A/V receiver, if that's what you have, into
two channel mode and listen away. It may sound good to him but
there are compromises in that design, no thanks. I just really think
this HT thing is a bunch of CRAP!
Hi Tom youngstown area here,only two audio stores here and they both STINK. I love two channel only way to go. any interested audio people in my area please contact
I'm in Akron and love vinyl. I just got a new Music Hall MMF-9, my preamp tweaked and a new pair of JM labs Electra 926's.Life is good.
Geneva Oh. Addicted to Two Channel. Are there any good shops around anymore? They all seem to close.